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Free Download YouTube App for Android 2.2.16

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YouTube for Android 2.2.16 has recently released by Google, an completely redesigned standalone version of YouTube App for Android. The updated version 2.2.16 brings tons of new features like portrait and landscape viewing, channel info, sharing videos on Buzz, Facebook, and Twitter. Unfortunately, this version only supports Android OS 2.2 or new.

The purpose behind making a standalone version is to bring more new features and frequent updates to the YouTube app without waiting for updates to Android OS.

YouTube App for Android 2.2.16

YouTube for Android 2.2.16 New Features :
  • Beautiful new UI design
  • In-page playback (read comments while video is playing!)
  • Personalized homescreen video feed
  • Brand new player controls
  • Rotate-for-fullscreen playback
Download Links:
YouTube App for Android 2.2.16 (android market)
YouTube App for Android 2.2.16 (softpedia)


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