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Download Instagrille 2.0 Free

Posted by Ahmad Deny 0 comments
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Available through the Pokki desktop apps platform, Instagrille 2.0 offers a robust Instagram experience on your Windows PC.
Download Instagrille 2.0

One of the biggest gripes about megapopular photo social-networking service Instagram is that you can't use it on desktops. Well, with Instagrille, you can get pretty close. Instagrille is an Instagram viewer for Windows, and it's available through Pokki's desktop apps platform. Sure, there are several third-party, Web-based Instagram viewers out there, but Instagrille is unique because it's an actual downloadable desktop app.

For those who don't know, Pokki is an app store for your Windows computer. You can download and install apps in one click (just as you would on your phone), and it offers a desktop Facebook app, Gmail app, and over a hundred others that feel very much like mobile apps. Everything in Pokki is free (for now), but of a few of the apps accept in-app payments for extra services.

Download Instagrille 2.0
With Pokki's Instagrille desktop app, you can do everything you can on Instagram except for upload photos (Instagram's API doesn't allow it). You can view Instagram feeds and popular pictures, Like photos, comment on photos, and manage followers with ease. Instagrille even gives you real-time notifications on your Windows taskbar. Overall, it's a pretty robust experience.

But there's more. Today marks Instagrille's jump to version 2.0, bringing new features that even the official Instagram mobile app doesn't have. With 2.0, you can share photos from your feed on Facebook and Twitter, and search for users and photos. You can also save your searches for future use. My favorite new feature lets you download Instagram photos right to your desktop in a single click. My second favorite lets you browse pictures from users nearby. Instagram for mobile devices can do neither.
Download Instagrille 2.0
Instagrille 2.0 offers one of the best desktop Instagram experiences I've seen. With its newest features, like Download Photos and Browse Nearby, it's even better than the official mobile app in some ways. All it needs now is the ability to upload photos from the desktop.

Instagrille is available now for download. Download Instagrille 2.0


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