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Free Angry Birds Star Wars

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Angry Bird Star Wars, the New Angry Bird Game Series
Have you ever played angry bird in your smart phone or in your tablet PC? Yes angry bird is the game that is really loved by many people and ages. It is not only played by children, but we can see that many older people also love to play this simple but interesting game. the trademark of the angry bird is located in the game play that make us as the player to throw the bird which have bad temper to crush the green pig which become the bad character in this game. However, it is not easy at all to throw and make the green pig fall. We need to crush the building that is surrounding the green pig.
We will need to have good strategy to complete the entire mission in angry bird game. However, sometime we also need to restart the game for many times to learn and try our strategy to defeat the green pig. It is not frustrating us at all even we sometime need to restart the game to learn and try many strategies because the bird that we throw to the green pig is very cute. There are many kinds of bird types actually. The common angry bird type are the red one which is only have limited strength, the yellow bird is the bird type which is best to destruct the wood material, the blue bird is the bird type which is able to divide into three bird and destruct perfectly on the ice material.

The New Wave of Angry Bird Star Wars
Angry bird is not only the game that popular because the game plays. In this time, the Ravio which become the publisher of this well known android game is launched new angry bird game series which is named with angry bird star wars. In this new game series, the angry bird is combined with the well known star wars. In this new game series, we will not play as star wars character, but we will play with the same angry bird which will use star wars costume. Those are what make this new angry bird star wars look more attractive to be played.
You will be seen the angry bird which have the same appearance with Luke Skywalker, princess Leia, Hans Solo, and other star wars character. The costume usage is not the only thing that will be divided between the old angry birds with this new angry bird game series. We also will see the angry bird bring weapon which will be their new specialty. This feature will make us happier to play with this new angry bird game series.

Super Rank of Angry Bird Star Wars
Can you imagine how many people really love with the angry bird game? Yes there are many people who love to play this game. It is concluded from the outstanding result of the new angry bird star wars downloadable content in the app store and google play store. Only after it has launched for 2 and half hours, this game has already placed in the top of the game series that is downloaded by people. therefore, why you do not try to play this new angry bird star wars too?


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