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iPad Mini Review

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Ipad Mini, the Mighty Tablet from Apple

Apple Company is not stopping in developing the new technology. It is proven with the new product that was launched by this big technology vendor. The new product that launched is ipad mini. Tablet PC is still technology that is concentrated by apple. It is because the usage of the tablet PC is very important in this era. Apple itself has already become the vendor which is made successful tablet PC product, but they still want to invent new tablet PC design and function which will improve experience of many people who will use their product. In this article, we will talk more about the new tablet PC product from apple. We will be able to know about the advantage and disadvantage from using this device.

The Best Design Offering in Ipad Mini

Having tablet PC mostly will make people need to be supported in their mobilization. People need device which can help them to do many things in anywhere. Because of that, for creating simple device appearance, but it has super function inside of it, apple is seriously choose to create ipad mini which has smaller size than normal ipad. The first feature that mostly loves by people in using this mini ipad is the simple way to bring this device while we are going to other place. The size of this device is small enough to be carried away without need to do any hard effort.
The usage of smaller LED display in this new ipad mini is not making this device reduce in display quality. Even it only uses 7.9 inches display size, but it has super quality LED which can give perfect appearance for users. Beside in having small size, the new ipad is also has thinner body design. Even it can be compared with the pencil. It is very thin that will make users easily to store and save it in the bag. Even it is using small and thin body design, but it has good durability too. Therefore, we do not afraid if we store and save this tablet PC in our bag.

Technology Usage inside Ipad Mini

After we have discussed about design of ipad mini, we will continue to discuss about the technology that is embedded inside of this tablet PC. To ensure user`s pleasure when they are using this device, apple provide new chip inside their new tablet PC product. It will use A5 chip which will ensure that user will experience smooth usage of the tablet PC. Even users will be able to do many things like editing photo, watching high quality movie, and even play game with using this device without finding any problem.
Having perfect and smooth function in the tablet PC product will not gain good influence when the device is consuming too many energy, because of that, apple is also created new battery technology to be used in their new product. With using new battery technology, this device is able to use for up to 10 hours. it will make users satisfy in using the ipad mini to do many important thing or just for entertaining us in the middle of boring time.


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