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Preview The Newest Feature of iOS 7

Posted by Ahmad Deny 0 comments
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Exactly June 10 to June 14, 2013, Apple held WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2013 in San Francisco, USA. IOS 7.

Advanced features that are owned iOS 7.

1. Design
If previously there are not too difference between design versions with each other, then we will get iOS 7 striking differences. If we are familiar with the previous look like a note book or paper reminders on iOS icons, then on iOS 7 you will be greeted with a simple graph that are dominated with pastel colors.
A number of icons for some of the functions now changed drastically, for example for Photos and Calendar. But the Apple demonstrated that there is a 3D effect which makes it the icons visible have a distance from the wallpaper image.

2. Control Center
This feature is a newes feature that appears in iOS 7. Reminds us of a toggle settings on Android, where we use the common settings that we can come up without opening setting feature. The trick is to shift the screen from bottom to top, or lift the screen, such as gesture on BlackBerry 10 when it exits from the application, or in the Windows Phone when it opened the locked screen.
For users of previous versions of iOS, of course the presence of this feature has been long awaited. We can change the status of WiFi, screen brightness, airplane mode, music and more with a simple touch. There's even a default center feature that can be accessed from here.

3. AirDrop
Feature that has been long adopted in the Mac version of Lion is finally present in iOS,what is it? AirDrop is a peer to peer protocol for exchanging data between each other iOS devices that are within the network. Later in this feature you can send files, for example, send a photo to another in one easy step, as easy as drag and drop. Again this is a positive thing as step counterbalance the NFC in mobile phones other OS. Without leaving a hole open that endanger the security, AirDrop is an exciting step in the Apple connectivity.

4. iTunes Radio
Say "Welcome" on the radio feature in an iOS device. Although it is the internet  radio, where you can define what you want to hear, and requires a data connection is qualified, but this is a step forward. At least Apple is now bold and confident enough with the connection that carried.

5. Facetime Audio
If previously Facetime is a solution for video calls between iOS devices, even Mac users, then in iOS7 Facetime now supports audio, yes audio only. Means,  Facetime has a function that resembles a third-party application which has now been acquired by Microsoft, namely Skype.


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