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Windows 8 Upgrade

Posted by Ahmad Deny 0 comments
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Windows 8 Upgrade Will Make Your Life Easier

Do you know about the new operating system from windows that make especially for touch screen purpose? Yes, a window 8 is the new operating system for windows. It is different with the windows 7 if you have experienced in using windows 7 before. In this article, I will share about my experience in trying to use windows 8 in my old personal computer. I hope from what I share to you will give you important information about this new windows operating system series.  The first information that I want to say to you about using windows 8 is you do not need to upgrade your personal computer specification again. Windows 8 does not need high computer specification to operate it. That is why windows 8 upgrade will not burden you.

Because of windows 8 does not need any major upgrade in your computer specification, this information must make you happy. I really understand about your feeling when talk about upgrading your computer peripheral just for using new operating system, It is the big burden that we do not need to feel when we want to use windows 8 in our computer. For me, it is good news and that the first reason why I want to try to use windows 8 in my computer. Beside of that reason, I also want to try the touch screen experience in using computer. I have purchased screen, which have capability to use touch screen system before, unfortunately, windows 7 which operating system I used before did not give full support for touch screen usage.

What make windows 8 good for touch screen function is because the layout is not the same with windows 7. That is also the weakness of windows 7 operating system, which only gives half support to touch screen usage. It is different with the windows 8 interface, which specially build to use touch screen function. That is why, windows 8 interface call as metro by many programmers.

Capability to Use ARM Chip in Windows 8

The other advantage that makes me love to use windows 8 is because with using this newest operating system from windows, we can use chip ARM type. The chip ARM type mostly use in tablet PC. Looking from that benefit, I believe that a window is very serious in developing the new operating system because in this time, tablet PC usage is increasing. Moreover, we do not need to worry when we have tablet PC too when we want to connect it into our computer when we have used windows 8 in our computer. It is because the tablet PC will easily connect with computer, which uses windows 8 operating system.

Windows Application Market in Windows 8

I know that you are starting to wander about the application that we can use in windows 8 right. Yes, I also aware like what you wander about application. In the first time, I do not want to try windows 8 even it has super benefit because I was afraid if there will be no application available for windows 8 when it launched in the first time. However, I was wrong and I felt disappoint why I was not trying this marvellous operating system from the first time. When you have already used windows 8 in your computer, you will be able to browse application market which especially for windows 8 usage. There are many applications, which you can find in the market like android market.

NFC Feature in Windows 8

Those are not the entire benefits, which you can gain from using windows 8 in your computer. There are still many benefits, which you can gain. Even it makes me confuse to tell you about the benefit in windows 8 usage because there are many benefits of it. However, I am keeping my promise to you that I will share to you about what I have experienced when use this operating system. The next benefit that I really love from windows 8 is the usage of NFC feature. Near Field Communication is the feature that will let you do anything with other device, which also have the same feature of NFC. You can hear music with using speaker device, which also have the same NFC feature, which will make you, cannot see the wire that connects between speaker and the computer. It will use Bluetooth system to transfer the sound from computer into the speaker. Well, for this feature I have not tried it yet because I am still searching the perfect sound system that I will purchase later. However, the most important for me is not the speaker in this time, the important thing for me is I have already have windows 8 upgrade in my computer. If you still do not ever try to use windows 8 in your computer, maybe you can try to upgrade your operating system into windows 8, which provide more benefits than others do.

I guarantee that when you have tried to touch your windows system with using windows 8, you will not stop to touch your screen anymore. It is fun to have windows 8 in my computer. I do not need to wait my computer longer in booting time. With using windows 8, the booting time is shorter than other windows operating system series.

When you want to have windows 8 upgrade like what I have done before, you can purchase the original windows 8 operating system in many stores. Moreover, you only need to install the operating system in your computer with using the same method as if you install your computer with windows 7 or others. However, if you cannot understand about how to install these windows 8, you can check and look for person or service, which can help you to install the new windows 8 system into your computer.

I hope from what I have shared in this article about advantage and feature from windows 8 can give enough information especially for you who want to upgrade your operating system to windows 8. For you who want to follow me in using windows 8, I only want to say to you make sure that you do it as fast as you can before you regret like me before in postponing to have windows 8 upgrade.

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