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Call of Duty Black Ops 2

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Black Ops 2: The New Top Notch FPS Game

It looks like black ops 2 still become hot issue lately after it released in November 14. No doubt why many gamers talk about this game which continue the great game series call of duty. It is because this new call of duty series reloads with many features for giving pleasure to any gamers who play this game. For you who have not tried to play this new call of duty series, maybe you need to read the review of this game in this article. It must make you interest to have this game to spend your holiday which almost come already. Prepare yourself to read the review, which will make you amaze with call of duty series that always have huge fans to wait and play this game.

If you think black ops two is the same first person shooter game, you are wrong because it will serve different experience of first person shooter game to you. When the first time I have not played this game, I also tough the same that this game must have the same feature like the other first person shooter game, but I said sorry to myself when I have tried to play this game. It is fun and makes me love to play this game better than other first person shooter. Moreover, maybe I cannot play other first person shooter after I have tried this new call of duty series because it will ruin the other first person shooter after I have tried to play the best FPS ever had before.

The first feature that makes me amaze with this call of duty new series is what we do will affect in the future. Therefore, we will not like play ordinary FPS in this game. In the ordinary FPS game, we can shoot anything as we like, but in this game, we need to think before we shoot something with our weapon because it will affect our future.

The publisher and developer of this game truly want to give different experience of FPS game for gamers with giving new multiplayer mode design too. In the multiplayer mode, you will take charge to choose the weaponry that your team will need to bring. It is good for gamers to make calculation before go down to the battlefield. With using this new feature, black ops 2 appear definitely different from other FPS game. For me who have tried to play this game, I felt like I really will go to the real battlefield when I arrange the entire weapon that my team need to bring.

In the single mission, we will play in two different time situation. We will play in the middle of cold war era with using the Alex Mason and Sergeant Frank Woods from the first black ops. Even the time setting is old, but the gear, which we will use, is not showing gloomy appearance. It is so realistic that will make us still can enjoy in playing the black ops even in old setting. Moreover, we will control David, son of Alex Mason in the 2025 era in this game. In the 2025 time setting, we will pleasure to use super futuristic equipment to punish the bad person who wants to give terror in this game story. However, the time setting in this game is not standing individually because the old time and future time will simultaneously blend which will create great story line for gamers. Moreover, this two time setting usage is becoming the second advantage that makes me love to play this game.

Another amazing part from black ops 2 locate in the visual effect which will make you go deeper into this game. With using realistic gigantic bomb explosion effect and bullet spread through area, you will bring into real battlefield. This feature which embed on this game also make me cannot stop to play this game. moreover, I really enjoy to play this game because it is not like today`s game which only have limited storyline. When you play this game, you will not only play short game but you will satisfy to play longer game like campaign mode.

There are not the entire points that boost the black ops 2 game. I still have many advantages point of this game to share with you. I also love to play in league play mode. League play mode is mode that makes us able to create our own team with our friend. We can compete with other team to win achievement, which will make our team well known. For me, I really love to use this mode to test my skill to compete with other players around the world. Therefore, if you think you are master of FPS game, you need to try to compete with other player in this new call of duty series.

And for the last point which will show how amazing this game, I also want to tell you that in black ops 2, you will not only take charge to kill bad guy who terror your world, but you also will meet with zombie attack in the zombie mode. Maybe it is weirder if we see in the first time a FPS game, which have war theme, has zombie mode inside. Yes, I also have the same opinion like that when I look this mode in the first time. However, when I have felt tired to play normal mode, I tried to play zombie mode. And amazing that I also love to play in zombie mode even it do not have any correlation with the real game story.

You will be able to choose to mode in zombie mode, survival and grief mode. The survival mode will be the same with other horror game that you need to stay alive as long as you can with shooting many zombies that want to eat you while the grief mode is more attractive which we can compete with our friend and use some cheat method to make them look more attractive to zombie. We can put on fresh meat into our friend to let zombie attack our friend more than us.

Looking from what I have shared to you about this new FPS game, I have courage to give point to this game. I give 9 point from 10 for this marvellous FPS game, which bring call of duty name on it. I really satisfy when I am playing this game. I hope that you also feel the same with me and do not take more time to try to play black ops 2.


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