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Google Nexus 4

Posted by Ahmad Deny 1 comments
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Google Nexus 4, Smartphone by the Biggest Search Engine Company

Google is not stopping to compete just in search engine function. The proof show that it has already started to mobilize into gadget production too. Almost two gadget products have already launched by Google and sold in Google store. However, Google is not alone in producing those gadgets. There are big gadget company too behind Google. There are ASUS and LG, which become the coop with Google in producing gadget. ASUS is assembling tablet PC for Google and LG is creating smart phone. If we talk about Nexus 7, most of you must have already understood about it or maybe almost entire of you have already purchased it, so we will not talk about what is Nexus 7, but we will talk more about the smart phone product from Google, which have name Google Nexus 4.

We will talk more about what you can get with using this smart phone in palm of your hand. However, before we talk we must have understood about the quality of product, which have Google brand. Beside of the quality, Google also concern enough to give high quality gadget in low cost. Okay, I think we can start to read the review of the new smart phone from Google before you purchase other smart phone and disappoint because the Google Nexus 4 has higher feature and cheaper cost than the smart phone that you have purchased.

Our first review for Nexus 4 is for the new easy interface to search any information with using Google. Yes because this gadget has Google in the name of it, it is normal when we will see many Google things in this smart phone. However, you will not disappoint with the new feature that provide by this smart phone to you. You can search any information easily with using this gadget. It will deliver faster result in searching something. Moreover, there is one searching feature inside of this smart phone, which will make you amaze. You can ask Google with just speak up in front of Nexus 4 and wait Google to answer what you ask about. It is the feature of voice search, which embed inside of this Google smart phone product.

When you purchase Google Nexus 4, you will not too worry about having direction too. It is because this smart phone also embeds with Google maps inside of it, which will make you easily route your destination place. You will not experience lost anymore with bringing this smart phone, which will guide you to your destination with many routes that you can choose. Just use it as you use GPS system.

Using touch screen smart phone sometime give us problem when we want to type some messages or email. Our finger can accidently touch the wrong letter that will make us need more time to write down message or email. However, Google and LG is aware about that problem and because of that, they give special feature for typing method in this smart phone with gesture typing type. You do not need to touch the letter, which is able to give you mistyping problem, but you only need to glide your finger on the letter that you want to type. Beside of that, the smart phone will help you determine what word you want to type. It will make you cut more time in writing message with using this special feature of typing.

Camera is becoming important feature in any smart phone nowadays. Google is still aware enough about that too with proof that in Google Nexus 4, you can use 8-megapixel camera, which can create super vivid and clear photo result. Beside you can capture photo with using this 8-megapixel camera, you are also able to record video with full 1080p quality. From this point, we have seen many features of this smart phone that really make you amaze. However, the feature of this smart phone is not stopping yet. We still have many things that we want to share with you. Just do not leave to read this article when you want to know what surprise again that available inside of this smart phone.

We have talked much about the feature inside of this product, for now we will talk more about the hardware of this product. It will make we know well about the performance of this smart phone from Google and LG. Looking from the hardware, LG and Google are not playing to create ordinary smart phone, they really build super massive smart phone which use QUALCOMM snap dragon as the processor unit. Moreover, for the RAM, this smart phone embeds with 2 GB RAM capacity that will ensure that user will experience fast process with using this smart phone. It will give proof that Google and LG are serious in building sophisticated smart phone for people who need to have real smart phone in their palm of hand.

Those benefits we have talked are not the entire benefits from Google Nexus 4. There are some others benefits, which we can gain again when we choose to use this smart phone in our hand. The first benefit for us to choose to use this gadget is having many choices of application to use from Google play store. You will not feel bored when you use this smart phone. You can easily download new game from the play store when you get bored.

Beside of that, Google play store is not only providing application for user. It also provides much music, which will entertain you when you are still doing something that, do not need to think seriously. There are the entire benefits and feature that we can share to you for using this Marvellous product from cooperation of two big companies like Google and LG.

See full Tech Specs of Google Nexus 4
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If you want to purchase this smart phone, you can try to look on the Google store. It is because in the first time, this smart phone will only sell in the Google store. We hope that you also able to enjoy to use the feature inside of the Google Nexus 4


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