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GreenShot Free Photo Editor

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GreenShot, the Other Cool Program to Take Screen Shoot

GreenShot is one of the programs, which create to help us who often capture our computer screen. However, there are people also work this program for doing photo editor too. There are many purposes to capture our computer screen actually. We can use it to give create tutorial for other people. Moreover, when we want to give tutorial to others, it is better to use picture than text because mostly people will be easier to understand the picture than text. It like said one picture can explain thousand words.  Okay, lets we come back again to our topic to know about GreenShot is. The first information that you need to know about this program is this is free license program. Because of that, you do not need to purchase it to use it.

You can download it from the official website of GreenShot if you want. The size of the program is very small. It is only 1.2 megabyte which will not make your computer has slow performance. Looking from the size of this program, it becomes the first reason why we suggest you who often do screen shot capturing in your computer to use this program than others. We will describe to you about benefit and about how to use this program for you through this article. We hope that you who need to capture your computer screen will have other program option to capture your computer screen.

Before we continue to discuss about how to use this GreenShot program, we also want to inform you using this program, you will experience fast process in capturing your computer screen. However, until this time this program only available for windows operating system users. The developer of this program still does not create the Mac series for this program. Maybe this is the most disadvantage of this program if you use Mac and apple operating system. Beside of that, we think this program is not proper enough to use as photo editor because basically, the program only has feature to capture computer screen and make some simple editing in the result of screen capturing.

After we have given you much important information about GreenShot, we can start to move on the next discussion about how to use this capturing screen program. After you have installed the program in your computer, you may learn about how to use this program correctly. Actually, it is very simple to use this program. What you need to do to use GreenShot are:

Run the program when you want to capture the screen in your computer. How to run the program is by double clicking the icon show in the bottom left of windows bar. The icon colour is green and has G letter on it.
When you have run the program, you need to press print or print screen button in your keyboard.
After that, it should make the cross line appear in your screen now.
When the cross line has appeared in your screen, you need to drag your mouse over the screen that you want to capture. Release your mouse click when you have finished selecting the area that you want to capture.
The program will automatically bring you the screen shoot result.

It is easy right to use the program that will be effective to capture the computer screen. However, if you still want to use it to photo editor purpose, maybe you can try it. If you want to have easier method to capture your screen, what we can suggest you to have is GreenShot.

Download Free GreenShot version 1.0.6-2228


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