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How To Jailbreak iPhone 3G

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How to Jailbreak IPhone 3G with RedSn0w

Do you have Iphone 3G and you want to jailbreak it to enjoy the entire feature of new IOS? Just read this article then if you want to jailbreak your IPhone 3G because we will explain how to jailbreak IPhone 3G with using common program which call Redsn0w. If you are person who do not understand about how to install software in your computer or your phone, you do not need to worry because we will use the easiest method to jailbreak your IPhone in this article. Therefore, even if you are person who rarely use computer or do not understand well about your IPhone function but you want to jailbreak it, you will be easily in following our instruction in this article.

Before we continue to the real instruction to use program call redsn0w to jailbreak your IPhone 3G, we will provide you with basic knowledge about the jailbreak program that you can get freely from internet nowadays. You can see there are two basic types of jailbreak programs that you usually find in the internet.  The first type is tethered jailbreak program. Tethered is the jailbreak program that you need to install again, when you restart your IPhone. Moreover, the second type is untethered jailbreak program. Untethered jailbreak is the program that you will not need to install again even you restarts your IPhone. However, for you who have IPhone 3G type, you need to satisfy with using the tethered jailbreak type because until this time, there is no untethered jailbreak version for IPhone 3G that give compatible usage. However, do not worry because you are still able to use the same feature of untethered jailbreak type in tethered type. What you need to know is just about how to jailbreak IPhone 3G in the correct method.

Okay lets we start to the real explanation about how to jailbreak IPhone 3G with using program that call redsn0w. We will give you complete instruction to install the redsn0w in your IPhone 3G. What you need to do when you want to jailbreak your IPhone 3G with redsn0w are:

First, you need to download the redsn0w program.
When you have redsn0w program, the next step that you need to do when you want to jailbreak your IPhone 3G to use new IOS 6 is the 6.0 firmware of IOS. You are also able to download it.
After you have completed the entire need to jailbreak your IPhone 3G, you need to extract the redsn0w program in the same folder with the 6.0 firmware.
When the redsn0w have already extracted in the same folder with 6.0 firmware series, you can right click your mouse in the program exe. You need to choose run in administrator.
Before you run the program, make sure your I Phone has already connected into the computer.
When the program is starting, you will see two choices in the screen. The first is jailbreak and the second is extras.
In the first time, you need to choose jailbreak choices. Moreover, the extra choice will use when you have restarted your I Phone and need to install the jailbreak again.
When the jailbreak installation finished, you need to turn off your I Phone and then the installation will lead you to the DFU mode. In this phase, you only need to follow the instruction that show in the screen of your computer.
When the instruction finished, the I Phone has already gotten jailbreak and you can use it freely.

However, in this instruction, we only give you information about how to jailbreak IPhone 3G with using the proper program. The method to re-install the jailbreak after you restart the IPhone will discuss in the other article. We hope that you enjoy with the information that we provide to you in this article about how to jailbreak IPhone 3G.


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