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The Outstanding Features of IPad Mini

Posted by Ahmad Deny 0 comments
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Are you still searching the great tablet PC which can give you great feature? If you are looking for tablet PC that can ensure about your satisfaction in using it to do many things, we can recommend you to use IPad mini. The first reason why we choose this tablet PC to recommend to you is because this tablet PC is seriously made by the apple company. We think that all of you who want to have tablet PC must real understand about what the apple company looks like. This company which uses apple fruit as the symbol is really serious in creating the gadget product. You can see the seriousness of this company in creating gadget from the feature which available inside of each gadget product that the company made.

Lets we try to find the benefit that you will gain from using the IPad mini. We hope that with reading this article, you can understand why we want you take this tablet PC. Okay, the first discussions we will start to quote the sentence that have already said by Steve Jobs in the past about the tablet PC which has 7 inches size. In the past time, Steve Jobs said that if the tablet PC which uses 7 inches size would not develop well. However, even in this time, the new tablet PC from apple is using 7 inches; it does not have any correlation with the opinion of the former founder of apple corporation, Steve Jobs.

The reason why Apple Corporation creates the 7 inches tablet PC product is because they want to compete in the 7 inches tablet PC market. There are many people who need to have smaller tablet PC size than before because they want to simply put that gadget inside their bag without need to find any difficulty. Beside of that, with bringing the 7 inches tablet PC size, user`s hand will not feel tired even they hold down the tablet PC for longer time enough. Those are the reason why apple construct the 7 inches tablet PC product. Moreover, we actually really like with the decision that apple corporation made in creating the 7 inches tablet PC that call as IPad Mini.

Okay we think that it is the time we will share to you about the advantage in using the IPad mini. Actually, there are many advantages that we found after we try to use this smaller IPad size. Moreover, the advantages that you will gain from using this tablet PC are:

•The display ratio of IPad Mini is using 4:3. It is not like the IPhone 5 which use 16:9 for display ratio. With using ratio of 4:3, the display will show truly amazing picture on the display. We think you must want to have clear and bright display in using tablet PC right?
•Even it uses old chipset, A5 from apple, but this old chipset still can give amazing performance to do many tasks in the same time. With having 512 RAM capabilities, this gadget will deliver enough performance for doing many things especially for entertainment purposes.
IPad mini has already used IOS 6. You do not need to upgrade your IOS anymore when you want to use the 7 inches tablet PC from apple because the company has already installed it with the newest IOS.
•Looking from the application compatibility, you are also able to gain many advantages because you are able to use the entire application which works well in the normal size IPad into this smaller IPad size. So, you will not need to confuse to find the application again if you have tried to use the application for IPad before.

When you have seen and tough about what we have shared above, maybe you can list this tablet PC into your buying list. We can give you guarantee that you will not disappoint in purchasing this marvelous product from Apple which has name IPad Mini.


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