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Christmas Countdown Free 2012 Android Apps

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Christmas Countdown Free 2012, the Free Application for Your Android

Are you cannot wait the Christmas time to come? It is all right, if you cannot wait the Christmas time because I am also one person that cannot wait to celebrate the Christmas time. Christmas time is the best moment that I always wait to celebrate every year. It is because Christmas time has given me lovely memory when I was child. Many gifts I gained when the Christmas time was come. However, in my age now, the gift of Christmas time is not what I am waiting for but I prefer to wait the air that different when Christmas time has arrived. The Christmas air is increasing when I have found special application, which have name Christmas Countdown Free 2012.

However, waiting the Christmas time sometime make me get bored too. Because of that, starting from this year, I am looking for the activity to wait the Christmas time arrive. What make me glad that I found special application that created for giving pleasure time for any people who have habit in waiting the Christmas time arriving. In this article, I want to share to you about the application that makes me patient in waiting the time of Christmas. As if I have said before that, Christmas Countdown Free 2012 can give me pleasure with entertaining me while I am waiting for the Christmas arrival.

Well for the first Christmas Countdown Free 2012 application that I installed in my android gadget, I confessed that it made me disappoint because there were still many bugs on this application. Beside of that, the application was not free at all. It made me only able to enjoy half of the feature inside of the application. However, I am happy when the publisher of this application give fully free of charge for people to use this application. You must have already curious about what kinds of application is this?

The Christmas Countdown Free 2012 is the mini puzzle application, which delivers you the spirit of Christmas with elf. You will see many windows available in this game. Moreover, in the window you will see a number, which represent the date of December. You can check each date in this game, and you will need to help each elf which still preparing the Christmas time. In the first date of December, you will help the elder of elf in writing the list of people who will gain the Christmas present. Moreover, in other date, you will face many great simple games just to make you always remember the date of December until the Christmas arrives.

What I also want to share with you in this article is not only the game interface, but I also want to share about the advantages of this game after the game has already updated. The advantages of the game are:
The music bug is not available anymore like in the first version.
The graphic is increase drastically from the first version of this game.
More songs available to hear to pleasure and make you remember about your Christmas time when you were child.
There is French translation available if you prefer to use French language to play this game.

Those are the entire new benefits from the result of upgrading this game by the publisher. I hope that you can enjoy your waiting time with playing the game in your android gadget like Christmas Countdown Free 2012.
You can download this android apps in Google Play free.


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