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Black Ops 2 Zombies

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Black Ops 2 Zombies, Special Mode for Horror Addict

Black ops 2 do not only first person shooter war game now. It has more fun with zombie mode that you can enjoy inside of black ops 2 zombies. In this article, we will discuss more about this new first person shooter, which bring the legendary brand of first person shooter game: call of duty. However, we are not discussing about this real game, but we will discuss deeper about the mode of zombie, which available to play in this game too. Zombie mode likely becomes the mode that available in many games lately, even this game which usually only provide war game also have zombie mode now.

Lets we dig deeper about the features of this game. It is important to know the feature of this game before we can give value about this game. If we see from the game play, the zombie mode gives very different style with normal game play. Yes inside of the zombie mode, you will not find any same feature like normal black ops game play. The first things that you can enjoy when plays this zombie mode is the three types of game play which you can choose to play. Each type of game play will serve different experience for you in facing zombie attack.

The three types of game play that you can choose to play in black ops 2 zombies are tranzit, survival, and grief. The tranzit is the story mode, which will make you to explore many different areas. You can travel to other area in the game with using bus or on foot. However, the choice that you choose whether use bus or on foot to travel and explore the area in this game will lead you to gain reward or punishment. Therefore, you need always pay real attention to decide what you will do when you play the story mode in this game.

Beside the tranzit mode, you are also able to choose to play the survival mode when you want to play the classic horror mode. In survival mode, you will explore almost the same area with the tranzit mode but in this mode, the map will adapt for using as survival mode map. Therefore, you will find many places to spot the zombie upcoming in the survival mode. If you are people who love to play horror game type, maybe you will love to play the survival mode in this game.

Moreover, after we discuss two of three-mode type in this game, we will discuss the last mode that will make you even more love to play this game. The last mode of the zombie type is grief mode. In this mode, you can compete with your partner to kill as many zombies as you can. However, you cannot kill your partner; you are only able to kill the zombies in this game mode. Just for information to you, many people love to play this grief game mode in black ops 2 zombies.

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