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How to Jailbreak iPhone 3gs

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How to Jailbreak IPhone 3GS to Use IOS 6

Do you have Apple gadget product like IPhone 3GS? In addition, are your gadget has already used the newest IOS 6, which have already launched by Apple? If your apple gadget have not installed with the IOS 6 especially your IPhone 3GS, maybe you will need to know about how to jailbreak Iphone 3gs to able to use IOS 6. However, maybe some of you think that with having jailbreak your gadget, you will lose your warranty of that gadget which you jailbreak it. Unfortunately, the entire information that you have gotten about the losing warranty when we are using jailbreak in our apple gadget is not true at all. It is legal to jailbreak our gadget because the vendor itself do not have any problem when their user jailbreak their gadget. The warranty will still available on our gadget even we jailbreak it. It is because the jailbreak program that we installed inside of the gadget is able to remove.

However, it is not difficult actually, when you want to jailbreak your apple gadget. In this article, we will explain to you about how to jailbreak Iphone 3gs to make it able to use IOS 6 with simple method which only need approximately less than five minutes to finish. However, to support the jailbreak action to your gadget especially IPhone 3GS, you will need to prepare some needs.  What you need to prepare to jailbreak your IPhone 3GS are:

•A computer or laptop to install the jailbreak program into your IPhone 3GS. For the computer or laptop, you can use both windows and Mac operating system to install the jailbreak program. However, you will need to use the correct OS type of jailbreak program.
•The jailbreak program is the most important part in this preparation when you want to jailbreak your IPhone to use IOS 6. However, for IPhone 3GS, you are only able to use tethered jailbreak program type. It will make you need to install the jailbreak program again each time you restart your IPhone. There are many jailbreak programs, which you can take, but we are suggesting you to choose to use redsn0w program.
•USB IPhone cable data is also important because it will use to connect between the IPhone 3GS with the computer or laptop when we are installing the jailbreak program.
•Firmware 6.0 is also what you need to prepare when you want to use IOS 6 in your IPhone 3GS. If you do not have this newest firmware, you will not able to use IOS 6 even you know about how to jailbreak Iphone 3gs.

When you have prepared the needs, which we have shown above, we can continue to explain about how to jailbreak Iphone 3gs. The methods to install the jailbreak program are:

•Extract the redsn0w program in the new folder and make sure you put it together in one folder with firmware 6.0 file.
•Right click the redsn0w program exe and choose to run it in administrator mode.
•Make sure that your device has already connected with using the USB cable data.
•You will see two choices that you need to choose in the first program interface. The first is installing the jailbreak and the second is extra.
•If it is your first time to jailbreak your device, so you need to choose install jailbreak. If you want to install again the jailbreak because you have already restarted your device, you can choose extra.
•When you have choose to install the jailbreak, your device will reboot and you will need to follow into DFU mode.
•It is simple because you only need to follow the instruction that appear in the screen.

Those are what you need to do when you want to use IOS 6 in your IPhone 3GS, however, you still need to install the jailbreak again every time you restart your device with connecting again your device in your computer or laptop and choose the extra choice in the jailbreak program. We hope that you have some good information from we have shared to you about how to jailbreak Iphone 3gs.


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