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Blackberry 10 Review

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The New Hope for RIM in Blackberry 10

Blackberry was the massive smart phone brand from many years ago. There were many people love to use this smart phone because it has many features inside. However, the popularity of the Blackberry was going down with the appearance of android operating system in Samsung product. It struck the Blackberry hard until this company must create something new to counter attack the competition from Samsung. It looks like RIM has already met with the proper method to compete again with Samsung next year with having high confidence by launching the new Blackberry 10.

Well, most people have abandoned the blackberry after many problems appear in their product. However, most people believe this Blackberry 10 will become the last hope for RIM to come back again or banish from the smart phone market competition. Moreover, before we can judge the new product from RIM, we will need to check it first because we do not want to become sceptical person right. Looking from the RIM condition in this time, they will need to create super new smart phone product if they want to come back again in the smart phone market competition. However, it looks like they aware about it when we can see about their new product features.

Okay lets we talk deeper about the features which available inside of the new Blackberry 10. Even it still in dev alpha developer mode, the appearance of the new blackberry, which will launch in the 2013, has already appeared in public. Looking from the new Blackberry series, which will, available in market at 2013, we can see there are many improvements. The improvement features inside of the new Blackberry series are:

  • In the new Blackberry series, which will launch in the 2013, we will be no anymore enjoying the keypad usage in the smart phone because the new Blackberry series will use full touch screen syste
  • m.However, even it will use full touch screen system; you will not see the same full touch screen system in the other smart phone. It will use different interface. 
  • Looking from the appearance of the new Blackberry, it is more elegant and look has high durability. It uses masculine appearance, which use Full Square in each of the edge of the phone.
  • If in the previous Blackberry series we often have hardware usage which cannot give great experience because the device often have lag problem, you will not experience that problem anymore in this new Blackberry 10. It uses very new hardware inside which will make you enjoys using this smart phone.
  • Moreover, because the new Blackberry series will also use the new Blackberry OS, you will experience more benefit like having the entire all in one message system, which will make you easier to open the entire message from email, RIM message service, Facebook, Twitter, and still many more messages type. It will all combine into one feature that calls Blackberry Hub. 
  • The home screen in the new smart phone will still use the same icon like the previous Blackberry product; however, you can easily move it away. Moreover, the new home screen feature will call active frame. 
  • In using the new Blackberry 10, you do not need any more to touch any keypad even it is home button because the entire functions inside of this new Blackberry series will fully integrated with full touch screen system. To open the phone lock, you only need to move your finger in the screen. It is also the same when you want to access the home screen; you only need to swap the screen with your finger.
  • Moreover, as the last improvement which we have found until this beta 3 in the new product of RIM is about the screen that use in this product. The screen will have 4.2 inches, which have 1280 x 768 pixels. It means that you will able to play HD movie quality with using this new Blackberry 10.


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