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Far Cry 3 Review

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Far cry 3, the Insanity of FPS Game

Once again, we can play the insanity of FPS game, which use good story and game play. Far cry 3 is the new FPS game, which deliver different experience in FPS game type. If you think FPS is bored game, then you will need to try this marvellous game first than talk later. From the story, this game is giving good plot from one to other scenario. Multiple teenage go to the small island to have vacation. Unfortunately, most of them are kidnapping and torturing by insane thug who lives in that island. There is only Jason who left behind and it will become his task to save his friend.

However, it is almost impossible for Jason to save his friend because he will not able to face million thugs who bring the complete weaponry in that island. This is where the big story of Far cry 3 appears. Jason will need to prepare the worst battle, which he even cannot imagine to save his friend. However, to do that rescue task, Jason will need to improve his strength first. The task to improve Jason`s strength will leave to us. We can develop the skill, which Jason will have. You will able to increase skill each time you gain enough experience by killing thugs in this game. Therefore, prepare to enter the worst battlefield to improve you.

Beside in having great story and many skill features that we can develop, this game also has huge map area, which we can explore. Approximately, there are two main islands, which we can explore in the single player mode. In those two areas will lead by different boss. The first island will lead by insane thug and the second island will lead by drug dealer. In the Far cry 3, our mission is to save our friend, but we will need to become stronger first.

To improve the strength of your character in this game, you will need to know first about the feature which available in this game. Actually, there are many features, which will make you enjoy playing this game. The features inside of this Far cry 3 are:

You can improve many skill ability choices.
There are a lot of weapon, which you can use in this game.
Vehicle is also available in this game to use for travelling the entire island.
Animal will help you sometime to attack the enemies.
Crafting is special feature in this game which will make you happier.

If you do not like to play FPS game, you will need to play this game. You will love to play FPS game after you have played this marvellous game. However, this game is full of brutality; therefore, the game does not recommend playing by person who has age under 18. Moreover, if you think you are the master of FPS game, why you not trying to play this game too? You will regret if you do not try to play the game, which has almost highest score review in IGN, Gamespot, and others. We guarantee that you will not able to stop after you try to play the Far cry 3.


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