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Borderlands 2

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Borderlands 2, the New First Person Shooter Game

Do you love to play shooting game? If you love to play shooting game, maybe borderlands 2 will fulfil what you want to play in first person shooting game. You will not find the same experience when you are playing other first person shooter game in this game. It is because this game very different from other shooting game that you have already played before. In this game, you will find many things that increased from the first borderlands series. There are many characters, weapons, and items in this game, which will make you, enjoy the game.

The story of the borderlands 2 is about the group of people who want to free the tyranny in the Pandora. The fourth people who want to free Pandora must fight against the Handsome Jack as the leader of Pandora city. Many enemies the player needs to face to safe Pandora from the evil Jack. For the game play in this game, you will enjoy if you use co-op system, which mean you can play with your friend. It will be easier and fun when you play this game with your friend.  To make sure that you and your friend will enjoy the game, we will explain to you about the character choices that you can use in this game. Actually, there are four different characters that available to choose in this game. Moreover, each of the character will have speciality. It is great for you and your friend to choose the marvellous character skill, which can help each other.

To choose the character, which can help each other in these borderlands 2, you will need to read about the character list that we will write in this article. It will help you to determine which character you need to choose to play this game. Okay, lets we talk about the four character choices that available in this game. The characters are:

•Axton: he has commando class and the special skill that he has is Scorpio turret. The Scorpio turret is the skill that will deploy many Scorpio turrets, which will attack the enemy.  
•Salvador: many players choose to use this character because from the other character, this character who have bigger appearance and massive weaponry. The special skill that Salvador has is to draw his second gun and going nuts in the battlefield.
•Maya: she is the siren class, which can use special ability that will lock the enemy in the air, which will make it easier to shoot them. The ability that she has is phase lock. Most players also love to use this character because the damage this character can give is bigger enough to the enemy.
•Zero: there is no much information about this character, which we can read. The only information that we know about this character is about the class of this character is assassin and the special skill that use is to create the hologram to decoy the enemy.

Those are the characters which available in the borderlands 2. However, just for suggestion for you who want to play co-op with your friend, we usually play with using the Salvador and Maya as a team because it is easier when using Maya and Salvador to work together. With using Maya, we can lock the enemy first in the air and continue with attacking with using the massive weaponry that Salvador has.

However, there is some part of this game, which will make you really enjoy playing this game. Looking from the features available in this game, that why this game is gaining huge point in many game review. Moreover, base on our experience, we also agree that review point is really worth to give in this borderlands 2.


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