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Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

Posted by Ahmad Deny 0 comments
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Samsung Galaxy Camera, the Pocket Camera with Huge Features Inside

Do you feel jealous when you are looking at person who shoots beautiful moment with using their Digital SLR camera? Do not jealous anymore with the professional who always bring their DLSR camera everywhere because you are also able to bring smart camera right now when you decide to purchase samsung galaxy camera. Yes, truly that camera is the product from well-known manufacture android phone Samsung that creates the pocket camera. Are you underestimating the function of this camera? Do not make any judgement first before you read this article because if you have already understood about the camera capability, we guarantee that you will amaze and make your move to purchase this camera.

Samsung looks very unpredictable in launching the pocket camera. However, that is the comment from some people who underestimate what Samsung create of like the pocket camera product. Yes it is true that Samsung look very weird when they decide to launch the camera product, but after we look and try it ourselves, we decide to retake what we have said before. It is because samsung galaxy camera is not what we thinking before. It is the first smart pocket camera which we firstly ever used. With trying to use this camera product from Samsung, we understand why this company become the real competitor for well-known company like Apple.

Okay, we are not talking to you anymore about anything else except the review, which we can make after we try to use this camera. There are many marvellous features inside of this little pocket camera like the one we have written in the title of this article. Moreover, the features inside of the samsung galaxy camera are:

•The lens of the camera uses 16 MP BSI CMOS system, which will ensure your picture or video quality taken.
•It has quick access to choose modes choices in capturing photo.
•You will gain slow motion mode not only available in capturing photo but in video too with using this camera. Because of that, you will be able to record any moment, which is best to see in slow motion mode.
•You can edit your photo right with using the camera. The display screen, which use in this camera is giving you easies method to edit because it has huge pixel in display screen. You can gain about 308 pixels per inches with using the camera screen display.
•The design usage in the samsung galaxy camera is also become one advantage because the design is minimalist and everlasting.
•Voice control is also one advantage from having this camera. You will not need any more to feel busy to control your camera because you can ask it to do capture right now with just asking it to capture or do anything you want.
•Creating movie is not only able to do in your computer and your laptop now. With bringing this little pocket camera, you are also able to edit and create movie with this. Do not worry about the battery consumption because Samsung has already though about it.
•Sharing is not the problem too with using this pocket camera. You can share your capturing photo or video right with using this device. It is because this device also has 3G and WIFI connectivity.
•The last feature, which will make you more amaze with this camera from Samsung, is because Samsung embed the android operating system too in this product. Inside of this product, you will find android jellybean 4.1.

So, are you still underestimating this little pocket camera now? I guess you want to purchase this product right now. If you want to purchase this pocket camera, you do not need to worry about the price. You only need to prepare $499.99 to bring this pocket camera into your pocket. So, what are you waiting again to purchase samsung galaxy camera?



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