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Galaxy S3 Mini Review

Posted by Ahmad Deny 1 comments
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Galaxy S3 Mini, Super Slim Android Smart Phone from Samsung 

After many times people have waited the plan from Samsung in launching the new generation of their well-known product of smart phone, Samsung Galaxy S3 has already begun lately. Germany is the first country which chosen by Samsung to launch their new product. Galaxy S3 mini will enter the smart phone market competition. With using outstanding slim design, Samsung believe that their product will able to compete in the smart phone market especially compete with the real rival of Samsung, Apple company.

The appearance of the Galaxy S3 mini actually still uses the base body design from the Galaxy S3. However, the difference between Galaxy S3 and S3 mini only locate in the size and the specification inside. For you who have already waited this new smart phone from Samsung, you must really courage to know about the specification inside of this new mini S3 right. To pleasure you, we will provide the entire specification which use inside of this smart phone from Samsung. The specifications, which you can enjoy if you take this new Samsung smart phone, are:

•The usage of 4-inch screen display with WVGA resolution 800x480 pixels will deliver super bright display in this smart phone. Beside of that, it will use the outstanding display technology from Samsung too, which called super AMOLED.
•The processor, which chooses for Galaxy S3 mini, is the dual core processor type with 1GHz clock speed processing. It will adequate to bear the entire multi tasking purposes in using this smart phone.
•The following dual core processor function will support by the usage of 1GB RAM. It will totally ensure that you who will use this smart phone will not find any lag problem.
•For the data storage function, Samsung embed 16GB internal memory inside of their new S3 mini. However, if you still do not satisfy with the internal data storage capacity, you still able to add micro SD slot to expand the data storage capacity.

What do you think about the specification of the Galaxy S3 mini? Is it appropriate enough to fulfill your smart phone demand? However, it is not the entire feature you will gain when you choose this phone actually; because there are still several marvelous features inside of this phone which still able to fulfill your satisfaction of sophisticated gadget. The other features that you can enjoy are:

•Dual camera systems in Galaxy S3 mini also will make you gain the entire important function of smart phone. It will embed with 5MP front camera with also LED flash feature usage. Beside of that, you are also able to use the second camera with VGA resolution quality.
NFC system is also available in this new smart phone from Samsung. It will make you can connect with other device which have NFC feature too easily.
•The battery, which will use as primary energy source to run the entire function in this Galaxy S3 mini, will use 1500 mAH battery capacity.
•Moreover, as the most benefit that you will gain with choosing this new slim smart phone from Samsung is the usage of android operating system 4.1 jellybean. You will able to use the entire benefits feature of android system with this smart phone in your hand.

The last information that you must need after you know about the feature of this smart phone is price right. You only need to spend $530 to gain the entire benefits and features inside of the Galaxy S3 mini.


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