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The Best features of IOS 7 Review

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Announcement for user of Apple’s Iphone, Ipad and Ipod device. Apple have presented a newest operating sytem, IOS 7. In Worldwide Developer Conference 2013 , Moscone Center, San Fransisco, California and USA, Apple announced that they make a big modification in IOS 7 both design and embedded feature inside it. Not only has Apple given iOS an entirely new look and feel, courtesy of head designer Jonathan Ive, but it has also revealed a revamped suite of core apps like Photos, Camera, Calendar, Weather and others, added new services like iTunes Radio and features like AirDrop, while also making it less lucrative for would-be thieves to steal your iPhone, and much more.

Here are some of the best features in IOS 7

1. A more modern design

In above control and creativity of Jonathan Ive (Jony Ive), Apple breaking skeuomorphic design in IOS before. Skeuomorphic is a visual element like a tekstur in real world that  is presented  in the digital media. The tekstur likes a leather, wood and paper. The design seen at the default  Apple Apps, example Ebook Reader or Newsstand, a green-table in Game Center.
Now, Ive presented a  flatter design and minimalis , but rich of effects. For example transparent effect at screen and icon moving when you stirring IOS device. iOS now tracks the motion, allowing you to see behind the icons. This is great for background wallpapers, for example, as you’ll get to see more of your favorite homescreen photo previously hidden behind the apps.

2. IOS 7 gets a back button

IOS 7 equipped with “back” button. Except it’s not a button really, it’s a gesture. Unlike on Android, where devices offer a dedicated software or hardware button for the function that means “go back to the previous screen,” the iOS back function is there when you need it but doesn’t clutter up the screen when you don’t.
Instead of a button, you swipe in from the left side of the screen (bezel to screen) to invoke the feature. It works in places you would expect, such as the Safari web browser, as well as in apps like Mail, and elsewhere.

3. Upgraded Default Apps

The Default Apple Apps will come with a new face. For example, a Weather app shares a lot of the design elements, but replaces Flickr photo backgrounds for those of weather animations like rain or snow — also much like Android’s live weather widgets allow for today.
The native calendar app, now clean and white, lets you swipe between days, turn to landscape to see a week in advance and zoom out to see your month or year.
Mail  offers big, edge-to-edge photos when used for photo-sharing and lets you take action on inbox messages with a swipe. Safari got a big revamp too, with fancy 3D-esque tab-switching behavior, improved bookmarking, one-tap access to favorites, and even Twitter integration which lets you see which links your Twitter friends are reading and sharing.
The camera has been updated with built-in Instagram-like filters, and the ability to swap between the different camera modes like “panoramic” or the new “square” camera view.

4. Photos and Icloud Photo Sharing

Not only the camera, a photo app gets a new touch. In Camera Roll, today you can set to “Moments” based on location and time. A feature inspired by the work of a number of third-party apps including Cluster, Moment.me, Flock, Tracks, flayvr, and others.
New experience is something called Air Drop, which is a new way to share photos with other iPhone users. Instead, photos and videos can be shared peer-to-peer over Wi-Fi connections with nearby users on newer iOS devices; they can also be shared via Facebook, Twitter, email, and into iCloud photo streams.

5. iTunes Radio

AND More More More


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