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The Best of E3 2013

Posted by Ahmad Deny 0 comments
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I think E3 have many games and overall are fascinating games. Here I will tell you about some of the best games I think so :)

The Evil Within

Horor of survival is a way to make the gamer in fair. The world isn't as it seems, of course, and soon Seb finds himself up against gruesome monsters.  With Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami presenting The Evil Within. You play Sebastian, a cop called to a mental hospital to find orderlies and patients murdered. Tense and terrifying, The Evil Within looks to revitalize a horror genre that has leaned too far towards action in recent years.

The Division

Fantastic of Ubisoft lineup at E3 was lead by The Division, a thriller that takes place in New York with society on the brink of collapse. Best described as an online role-playing shooter, The Division had some of the most stunning visuals of the show, and the concept is awesome. And then  had one of the best uses of a second screen we have seen.

Project Spark

Project Spark allows you to create your own worlds on tablet, Xbox One or Xbox 360. You can replace provided assets down in order to build something else. Using the bits of a house to build a big stomping monster, which you can then assign a brain behaviour, making it aggressive or helpful. Hugely creative and very exciting. Cool!!

Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a hybrid of television thriller and action game from Remedy Entertainment, with what you do in the game impacting the show. Quantum Break was arguably the best-looking game at E3 from a technical standpoint too, with incredible detail on characters and the frozen-time environments

Killzone Shadow Fall

Sony’s Killzone Shadow Fall has been injected with colour and the levels widened for more open action. It looks glorious, and multi-objective areas in which you can tackle tasks in any order you see fit shakes Killzone’s reputation as a strictly linear blast-a-thon. Seems to have taken Crysis for inspiration, and it’s a direction that fits Shadow Fall well.


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