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The Game for iOS and Android: Man of Steel the Game

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Price in iPad and iPhone : $2.99
Price in Android : $ 4.99
Almost the same with the launching of the film in theaters, new movie about Superman present in mobile phones and tablets in the form of a game of the same name, the Man of Steel. Not carrying the freemium format, it can be guessed this game certainly does not carry the boring gameplay, this game is very exciting!

If you ever played  the Batman Arkham City Lockdown the game from the same publisher, then you will feel a slight resemblance between the two games. Especially in the gameplay.

For an easier overview, the Man of Steel gameplay has a simple control by rubbing a finger as specified to be the main weapon. Timing and accuracy are needed sometimes, but sometimes it does not.

Before playing this game, you should watch the movie first so that you can understand the background story and the characters that appear in this game. Well, If you are bored with freemium games, the game's Man of Steel  could treat your longing with the figure Superman as well as a quality game in hand held.

Download game for iPhone and iPad                    Download game for Android


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