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BlackBerry 10 Tips and Tricks: Android App Conversion

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As we known, the BlackBerry 10 based QNX  is equipped the Android runtime layer that allows it to run applications created for Android. So far, the applications running on the BB10 is a application designed for Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread) or previous.
However, not all Android apps can be used on BB10. For that, there are ways users can do to make Android can install to your BlackBerry, that is: convert the Android installation file that the format .apk  into the format. bar which is the installation files for the BlackBerry 10 devices and PlayBook.

Before converting files, you must register to Signer Keys, in the following ways:

1. The first thing to do is to have a Signer Keys, which can be requested or ordered through the address https://www.blackberry.com/SignedKeys/codesigning.html. It took up to 2 hours before you get a response, so you should order process Signer Keys performed at the beginning, make sure you note your specify Pin and Order Number.

2. You also need some tools such as:

3. Next create 3 new folders in the directory C: on the computer. Give the name of each apk, apk2bar and bar

4. Extract The Command Line Tools file to apk2bar folder.
5. Install JDK

6. Install Android SDK Tools to apk2bar folder, if completed, run the SDK Manager
7. Extract Platform Tools to folder c:\apk2bar\android-sdk\tools\.
8. Register Signer Keys that have been ordered in step 1. The way, check the registered email, then download the two files in it. csj which are sent by BlackBerry. The both of file is client-PBDT-xxxxxx.CSJ dan client-RDK-xxxxxx.CSJ. Then save the two files to the folder c:\apk2bar\bin\.

9. Open a command window in the folder c:\apk2bar\bin\, with hold down the shift key, then right-click on the folder c:\apk2bar\bin and then select  “Open command window here”.

10. Then type the following command:
blackberry-signer -register –csjpin yourPIN –storepass yourPASS client-RDK-2005259.csj client-PBDT-2005259.csj [ENTER]

csjpin is  made PIN ​​when you order Signer Keys is the first step. While storepass is the password you will use to sign the file. bar. You can make the storepass different with csjpin, but to more easily remember you can also make the same password for both as above (means yourPIN = yourPASS). While the numbers on file. csj should be adjusted to the file you received.

11. After entering the command, wait until the Keys successfully registered.


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