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Nokia Tips and Tricks: Records a Song From Radio

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On the radio we usually always pampered with the new songs. But the song that was broadcast on the radio is not always the music that we like.

Well, the radio song recorder application you definitely listen to music that you like. As in the application Audio Recorder Pro is able to record songs from the radio on mobile Symbian / Nokia. How do that?

1. Download and install the Audio Recorder Pro through Ovi Store by selecting Buy. To get this app you have to pay $ 1, Click Pay to buy Audio Recorder Pro application. To purchase this application, the cost is cut from your credit simCard. After the purchase process is completed, download and install the application. Then the application can be run by selecting the Launch.

2. At the time the application is opened, you can specify the recording source such as FM radio, Microphone or Voice call.
3. Select the recording sound quality through Audio Codec as you want such as AMR, PCM or ACC.

4. Lalu pilih Format file perekaman Audio melalui File Format (Audio/Mp4, Audio/Wav dan Audio/3gpp).
5. Lalu pilih Sample Rate untuk kualitas Audio yang ingin Anda rekam (0, 96000, 88200 dan 64000).

6. If you have a small phone memory, you set up a quality Andio to Mono by activate Mono, then set up the audio quality like   Encoding mode and Encoding Quality.
7. Set the destination memory of recording file and your file name by specifying the option Drive.

8. To record the sound freom the radio, previously you have to turn on the radio on phone, and activate the Audio Recorder Pro application and select start.
9. At the moment you can pause recording by selecting Pause or after recording you can select the stop button.

10. after the sound has been recorded, you can listen to the sound of the recording by selecting Play Last Recording
11. The phone will play the sound recording, through the music player.
12. The Sound recordings can also use as a ringtone by selecting the options button at the bottom right, and select Use Tone> Set as ringtone

With this application, you are not only easy to record sound like other standard recorder, you can also easily get the music you want, as often heard on the radio. Not only that, you also still be able to record your telephone conversation with the other person.


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