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Android Tips and Tricks: Manages Ringtone and Game

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Do you feel bored with the monotony of your cell phone ringtone? Don't worry because now you can add thousands of wallpapers and ringtones with Zedge.
Zedge is a ringtone app for Android that allows users to download thousands of free wallpapers and ringtones. You also can manage all the games installed on mobile phones in a single integrated widget. Please refer to the following steps:

1. Install Zedge from Play Store
2. Next, open Zedge and select "accept" to continue.
3. In addition to providing the ability to manage ringtones, Zedge is also equipped with the Game Launcher that allows users to collect games in a integrated widget.

4. Then you can freely download Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper, Ringtones and Notification.
5. To ease the selection, you can use categories. To view the available categories please press the menu button when you are in one of kind of options contained in the fourth step

6. Next You can choose item what anything you want to download. For ringtone and notifications, you can listen to the preview before decide to download it.
7. To download it please select the arrow icon in the left corner. After Zedge finished downloading ringtone, please select "Set" to select it.

8. Furthermore, you can choose to use the ringtone follow the following categories:
          Default Ringtones: Use the ringtone for all incoming calls.
          Contact Ringtone: Use ringtone as a sign  incoming call of a specific contact list.
          Notification Sound: Use ringtone as a entry marker  the notification .
          Alarm Sound: Use the ringtone as an alarm tone.
9. In addition to managing ringtones, you can also get recommendation existing games in Play Store. As always select the games you want to install by pressing the arrow icon, then you will automatically go to the download page at Play Store.
10. You can also sort these recommendations are based on the following five categories:
          Downloads all time
          Downloads last week
          Downloads last month


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