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Tips and Tricks Blackberry10: Android To Blackberry

Posted by Ahmad Deny 2 comments
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To convert Android Applications for BlackBerry 10, we first have to register signer key.
And here's how converting APK to BAR and sign BAR files.

1. Prepare the APK file. And save to the folder c: \ apk \ that was made before.
2. Open a command window in the folder c: \ apk2bar \ bin \, to hold the shift key, then right-click on the folder c: \ apk2bar \ bin and select "Open command window here"

3. And then type the command like the following example:
Apk2bar c:\apk\Android-Indonesia.apk c:\apk2bar\android-sdk\tools –t c:\bar [Enter]
Make sure you typed the command correctly. Note the name of your APK file.
4. If successful you will find information succeeded: 1

5. Then type the command like the following example:
Blackberry-signer –storepass YOURPASSWORD c:\bar\Android-Indonesia.bar [Enter]
Remember back to your storepass password.
6. Wait until the caption Info: Bar signed. Now the file. BAR ready to be installed to the BlackBerry

Next, you just have to repeat stay these tips every time converting APK to BAR files.


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